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School Visits

booktalk.jpgI love chatting with teens about reading, writing and history, but I still remember struggling to stay awake in a large assembly as some talking-head guest speaker droned on, so I’ve styled my workshops as roadshows.

My roadshows are interactive and diverse–more like stage shows with covert educational content. I understand that kids learn in different ways, so my shows incorporate many different techniques that allow me to connect with students.

Here are my current offerings, written in third person so they can be used in school publications to promote the event:


Bestselling young adult historical horror author Lynne Hansen inspires teens to pursue their own dreams of seeing their words in print by revealing the secrets of the writing life and the publishing industry. In this motivational presentation, Lynne will not only share a bit about her own history as a horror writer, but give teens practical advice on getting published. Each participant will receive a submission checklist and a summary of publications that accept works by teens. A question and answer session and booksigning will follow. Don’t miss this unique glimpse into the writer’s world.

Lynne Hansen, author of the Heritage of Horror series of young adult historical horror novels, talks to kids about growing up a non-reader, how she found the joy in reading, and then reads selections from her bestselling novels The Return and The Change. After each story kids will learn to make zombie and werewolf origami. A question and answer session and booksigning will follow. Great fun for kids ten and up, and a super way to inspire even the most reluctant reader.

schoolvisit2.jpgGET PUBLISHED NOW!
Teens don’t have to wait until they’re out of school to experience the excitement of seeing their work in print. This writing workshop teaches teens the nuts and bolts of writing for publication, from polishing their work to submitting it. Includes a checklist of steps on the road to publication as well as a list of places that publish works by students.


Lynne Hansen answers questions about her books and discusses the teacher kits she’s created for her first three books. Each kit is approximately 30 pages long and contains lesson plans, vocabulary, reading comprehension, topics for thought and discussion that tie into the Sunshine State Standards, and an assortment of fun, “Anytime Activities” to extend each student’s experience with the books. Note: A mini version of this workshop can be done as a lunch session for teachers on the day of a school visit.

Tired of using dry vocabulary flashcards with your students? Discover vocabulary novels–fun YA fiction that integrates advanced vocabulary and their definitions. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of these books from one of only ten vocabulary novelists in the country. With the newest version of the SAT placing even greater emphasis on student comprehension of vocabulary in context, SAT vocabulary novels are becoming more vital to effective vocabulary enhancement.

Typical day is four sessions long, with a bonus fifth lunch session–either a mini Curriculum Connections session for teachers, or a mini brown bag Q&A session with a specially selected group of student writers.

signing1.jpgE-mail me at for current rates and to discuss the details of your event.

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