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You know you’re a zombie fanatic when…

July 1, 2009
Zombie Rain from Mike Maihack

Zombie Rain by Mike Maihack - Check out

Okay, so I had a REALLY rough weekend, and yesterday morning the Fates seemed determined to make it worse, because when I got out of my car for the four block trek to my day job in downtown Tampa, the skies opened and totally dumped on me.  Thanks to my umbrella, it doused my spirits worse than my clothes, but it was still a pretty miserable walk, avoiding puddles while jostling all my stuff, including coffee which I spilled all over me repeatedly.

I was all about poor, poor pitiful me, and then I thought, You know, if we were in the midst of the zombie apocalypse, I’d be pretty thankful for this rain, especially if I was holed up in one of those skyscrapers. Water can be tough to come by once the power goes out if you don’t have a direct conduit to a natural water source. Ultimately, this rain is a good thing.

I am not joking. These thoughts actually drizzled through my brain.  You know you’re WAY too into the book you’re writing when even a nasty Florida rainstorm has zombie implications. lol

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