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Me and H.G. Lewis, plus Grim Fairy Tale in Fangoria

May 17, 2009

MeAndHGLewisThe Godfather of GoreA few weeks back I got to be an extra in a Herschell Gordon Lewis film, Grim Fairy Tale.  I was a flannel-clad engineer in a TV studio who got to scream REALLY loud when the Big Bad Wolf came in to kill us all.  Too much fun.

Of course my favorite part was my second scene, where I got to play a vacant-eyed dismembered corpse sprawled on the floor of the TV studio. I had to stare at the ceiling while the actors walked over me.  The biggest distraction was the boom mike that kept moving in and out of my vision.   I channeled my inner zombie, though, and kept as still as I possibly could.  At one point the casting director said, “I think Lynne’s really dead!”  lol

Afterwards, Mr. Lewis took both my hands in his said and said, “Keeping your body still is one thing, but keeping your eyeballs from moving, that’s tough.  Not many people can do that.  Thank you for doing that for my movie.”  Too cool.

I’m not in the article, there’s a super one in Fangoria about the shoot, including some fun-yet-disturbing pics:

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