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My New Zombie Arm

April 23, 2009

zh_dark_orig8bitcolorgreenWell, I’ve spruced up my website with the help of an artist named Dennis Hansbury who created the awesome new zombie arm that now dons the top of my website (and will soon don my business cards, banners, postcards, bookmarks and more!)  I use the blue-cast version, but off to the left you’ll see the original greenish-yellow version.  Very cadaver-like.  

Also make sure you check out Dennis’s bio on Flickr here.  I mean, how can you not love a guy whose bio says he “has zombie survival plans for his apartment complex and IKEA Orlando”?  (Of course all good zombie survivalists know that mega-stores are death traps during the zombie apocalypse.  They’re tough to defend because everyone wants in–zombies and survivors alike.)

I absolutely love my new zombie arm, and feel very lucky to have found Dennis and his fun zombie art.

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  1. June 13, 2009 9:08 am

    Ah, but the IKEA buildings are veritable fortresses. Emergency exits must be opened from the inside and have no outdoor handles, hurricane proof glass (which will be barricaded with pallets), solid concrete walls. Tons of places to sleep. Ample supplies, food and things to convert into weapons.

    Not to mention we’re down the street from Target, Publix and a Home Depot.

    If the it zombie apocalypse happens and you’re in the area AND you’re not bit, come on by!

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