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Random Green Day Grammy Observations

February 9, 2009


Green Day at the 2009 Grammy Awards courtesy of Green Day Authority

Green Day at the 2009 Grammy Awards courtesy of Green Day Authority

A few random observations about Green Day at the 2009 Grammy Awards:

1) <in my best Simpson’s Comic Book Guy voice> Worst hair ever.  Really, what were they thinking?  Get some toner on that blond, boys and you’ll get that brassy yellow right out.  And it looked like Billie Joe’s hair sucked up all of Mike’s body, leaving Mike looking like he’d just gotten out of the shower, and Billie with this weird poof.  I know they’re probably just letting it grow out until the new album comes out in May, but come on, it’s the Grammy Awards.

2)  Browns and muted greens with black?  Ugh.  I really hope that’s not the color scheme for their May release, 21st Century Breakdown. (Yes, I’m whining, but they looked REALLY good in their AP Magazine photo shoot in January.)

3) I think a special place in hell is reserved for the guys who turn the music up over the acceptance speeches.  Record of the Year is a big freakin’ deal.  Don’t you think they could have let Robert Plant, Alison Krauss and T Bone Burnett say more than two words?

4) Of course Green Day looked like they’d much rather be any place but on stage.  Guess when your first album in 5 years is due out in a little over 3 months, you have to make those perfunctory appearances, but you can tell it wasn’t their idea to present.  I did, however, like Billie Joe’s parting, “See you next year at the Grammys!”  I’m kind of hoping it was Billie Joe’s way of saying that 21st Century Breakdown is going to blow everyone away, and that they intend on being on the receiving end next year.  Or maybe he really was just still reading lines off the teleprompter.  

5)  And one last thing.  I totally agree with the speech about creating a new cabinet position to oversee the arts in the US.  Very good idea, but was it just me, or did it sound like the head of the Academy was just REALLY trying to kiss up to the President?  “Can I brown nose Obama?  Yes I can.”  <sigh>

If you’re interested in supporting this new Secretary of the Arts cabinet position, you can read and sign the petition here:

Currently over 230,000 people have signed.

6)  Now for the VERY last final thing.  For all the best Green Day news, visit  Also, the Green Day Idiot Club has started posting small updates about the new album.  Oh, and you can pre-order 21st Century Breakdown here:

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